Where To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft?

Where To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft?

One of the most fundamental and typical objects in Minecraft is brown mushrooms. Many gamers are unaware that there is a different approach to obtaining more of these mushrooms than merely waiting for them to develop, as they have always wondered where to find brown mushrooms in Minecraft. To assist you in answering the query of Minecraft where to find brown mushrooms, this Minecraft tutorial is here for your guidance.

You will find two methods in this article for finding brown mushrooms in Minecraft, which you can easily use.

Where To Find Brown Mushrooms In Minecraft?

Players must have had the sensation of playing Minecraft and suddenly desiring mushroom stew.

The word “brown mushroom” has two distinct meanings in the game Minecraft. One is the most common; a few biomes are home to the fungus, which is essential for creating mushroom stew. The second is a Mushroom mob variation that has captured the attention of Minecraft users. You can use either one or both methods for finding brown mushrooms in Minecraft.

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The brown mushroom is an ingredient in a mushroom stew (made in company with a bowl and red mushroom). These are not hard to locate and, when turned into soup, are quite nutritious. A Minecraft character can eat from this stew for a very long period.

  • Brown mushrooms are typically found in the shadow; swamplands and regions beneath trees are good places to look for them. They also grow in the mushroom biome and are generated in the Nether.
  • In Minecraft, big mushrooms that reach a tree’s height are referred to as huge mushrooms. These can be both found and cultivated. For a giant mushroom with ample area (7*7*9 blocks), a player can plant a brown mushroom and treat it with bonemeal.
  • Additionally, brown mushrooms may be harvested from the incredibly uncommon brown mushroom mob.

Minecraft Mob Variant

The 1.9 beta pre-release saw the first appearance of the mushroom mob. Since then, a large portion of the Minecraft community has appreciated it.

  • They often exhibit the characteristics of red mushroom. A brown mushroom has a.00097 percent chance of spawning on its own, nevertheless. If red mushrooms are struck by lightning, such as a charged creeper, they can also convert into brown mushrooms.
  • Brown mushrooms, milk, suspicious stew, and mushroom stew may all be made from mushrooms. These mobs should be handled with care because they are quite rare and have a lot to offer.

How To Find Brown Mushroom in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

There are a few ways that you can go about finding brown mushrooms in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • The most common way is to simply search for them in caves and other dark areas.
  • Another way is to use a tool such as the ‘Finder Compass’ mod, which will help you locate brown mushrooms more easily.

Finally, brown mushrooms can also be found by destroying brown Mushroom mobs. Whichever method you choose, just remember to keep your eyes peeled and you should eventually come across some brown mushrooms.


A kind of fungus that develops and spreads in shadowy locations is called a mushroom. Mushrooms can be little or large, and they can be red or brown in color. This post has outlined two methods that can be used for acquiring brown mushrooms in Minecraft.

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