How To Use Xbox Gift Card On Fortnite?

The most played multiplayer free-to-play game is Fortnite. It has a huge fan base across all platforms, including Xbox. This is why everyone purchases Vbucks as a Christmas present for their pals this year. Due to its intricacy, some players have difficulty using the Xbox to redeem Vbucks.

When you buy a Fortnite VBucks gift card, you will receive a generic Epic Games code. Because of this, when Xbox users try to use it, they run into issues. This circumstance is problematic. Because we previously utilized Xbox codes on the Microsoft shop as Xbox owners.

In this game, you can select from various reward cards that you can use to earn free things, skins, and characters, but the redemption method varies for each, which may be confusing. This article will provide you all details on how to use an Xbox gift card on Fortnite, which will help you easily redeem Microsoft Xbox gift cards and enjoy the game.

To use an Xbox gift card on Fortnite, you need to redeem the card through your Xbox account first. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox console.
  2. Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide, then select “Store”.
  3. Select “Use a code”.
  4. Enter the 25-character code provided on your Xbox gift card, then follow the prompts.

Once the Xbox gift card is redeemed, the balance is added to your Microsoft account. You can now use this balance to purchase V-Bucks in Fortnite:

  1. Open Fortnite on your Xbox console.
  2. Navigate to the “V-Bucks” section of the Fortnite store.
  3. Choose the amount you want to purchase.
  4. Complete the transaction. The balance from your Microsoft account will automatically be used towards the purchase.
How To Use Xbox Gift Card On Fortnite?
How To Use Xbox Gift Card On Fortnite?

How To Use Xbox Gift Card On Fortnite Step By Step

Vbucks redemption on Xbox will appear difficult, but the following guide will help you. Redeeming VBucks is simple if you follow the instructions listed below.

  • First, visit the official Fortnite Vbuks card page and Select “Sign In” from the menu.
  •  Now, you must sign in with the Epic account connected to your Xbox account.
  •  After signing in with your Epic Games account, you must still select the “Get Started” option on the newly opened page.
  •  A website that requests a special VBucks code will then display.
  •  You can enter the code on the page after scratching your Fortnite VBucks gift card’s PIN.
  • Select “Next” from the menu. The button takes you to a new page where you are asked what device you often use to play Fortnite.
  •  You ought to Xbox. The “Next” button can then be selected.
  •  The page that appears will show you an overview of how to use your Fortnite VBucks.
  •  To confirm, click the button.
  •  The code you will use to redeem it on your Xbox will be emailed to you. You need not be concerned if you do not immediately receive it. Arrival could be 15 minutes away.
  •  A second code was generated if you used the V-bucks to purchase an XBOX or PlayStation game, and you had to enter it into your Microsoft or Sony account.
  •  Press the Xbox button on your controller to get to the Xbox Home screen.
  •  You can choose Microsoft Store from the main menu.
  •  Now, you will have to click the menu icon on the screen’s left side.
  •  After that, select “Redeem” from the menu.
  •  The screen to redeem your code or gift card will appear.
  •  Note down the Xbox code you received via email.
  •  Have fun using your Vbucks.


This article has given you details about Xbox gift cards, and if you play Fortnite on Xbox, you may use an Xbox gift card or a Microsoft gift card to buy more V-Bucks. These two gift cards are completely equivalent and interchangeable.

These gift cards may be redeemed on your Microsoft account, and the money can be used to purchase any Microsoft product, including Fortnite V-Bucks.

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