How To Use Spray In Fortnite?

How To Use Spray In Fortnite?

Prowler quests are currently available in Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 3. You need to spray at The Daily Bugle for a specific task.

Version 20.20 of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 midseason update is now out on all platforms, and it has added a tonne of fresh material for players to explore. You’ll have plenty to do, ranging from the brand-new Prowler quests to unlock Prowler to the week five resistance and weekly challenges.

The prowler quests are a set of goals with a structure akin to the resistance quests, fulfilling which will unlock various Prowler set items. You are asked to utilize a spray at the Daily Bugle in one such straightforward yet perplexing task.

Sprays are a brand-new category of cosmetics introduced by the Fortnite 4.0.0 patch. These deviate slightly from the emotes you may be accustomed to. They won’t be quickly hurled into the air; instead, they’ll be sprayed upon the target you’re now shooting at.

Read the full article to get details on how to use spray in Fortnite.

How To Use Spray In Fortnite?
How To Use Spray In Fortnite?

How To Use Spray In Fortnite Step By Step

These should be rather simple to utilize if you have ever used an emote or dance. Put one of the sprays in your slots right away. Once you’re in the game, press the appropriate key according to your platform: B Key on a computer, Down on the D-Pad on an Xbox or Playstation, and B Key on a Playstation (directional pad). If you’ve hit the key, it will automatically perform it if you only have one object equipped. If you have more than one equipped, you will then point an arrow in the direction of the choice you want.

In accordance with your purpose, sprays can be applied to any surface. They can be sprayed on the ground, the walls, or the ceiling!

The greatest question you might be asking yourself before starting this adventure is, “How exactly do I use a spray can?” In Fortnite, all you have to do to spray over anything and everything is press the emote button, slide left or right to find the spray section, and then pick the spray can of your choice.

However, you won’t even need to slide and choose the spray can for this particular quest because simply tapping the emote button in The Daily Bugle will open the Prowler section and make a Prowler spray can ready for usage.

The mission gets really easy after you learn how to choose and use spray cans in Fortnite. Now all you have to do to finish this task is locate any building in The Daily Bugle, choose the spray can from the emote wheel, and begin spraying. For the mission to be finished, only one spray is required.

The Daily Bugle is frequently crowded with IO members, tanks, and other players who are likely there to fulfill the same Prowler mission as you, so go with caution. This quest’s completion will grant access to the Prowler Tag spray.


In this article, you have learned how you can use a spray in your favorite game Fortnite. Sprays are part of the new and improved modifications in the popular game, which can enhance your gaming experience by many folds.

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