How To Use Gold Bars In Fortnite?

How To Use Gold Bars In Fortnite?

Gold bars, which were first used in Season 5, are a kind of virtual money that may be used to pay NPCs for goods and services. These gold bars have survived to Season 7, where there are even more items to purchase, including brand-new Fortnite weaponry that was just released.

The new map contains a variety of distinct Fortnite bounty NPCs that require your assistance. While running around in a Fortnite match, you might see a speech bubble in the distance. You can only be given one bounty at a time, so pick one and then set off to accomplish the assignment and collect your reward of gold bars.

In addition, killing other players will win you eight gold bars. Find out how to use gold bars in Fortnite by reading the article below.

How To Use Gold Bars In Fortnite?
How To Use Gold Bars In Fortnite?

How To Use Gold Bars In Fortnite Step By Step

The first technique for getting gold bars involves getting rid of opponent loopers. Each time you eliminate a looper successfully, they’ll drop about eight gold bars for you. In addition, looting I.O. and legendary chests will definitely yield gold bars for you.

Additionally, you might enter any home and wreck stuff. Finally, you can collect gold bars by performing the assignments and bounties that are given to you by the NPCs and payphones located all over the island.

You can check your balance of Fortnite gold bars in the bottom right corner by your mats or by bringing up the map screen.

  • Once you have a supply, you’ll want to spend it, so you’ll need to go meet one of those characters once again.
  • You can hire them as a recruit to follow you about and attack your foes, sell them a high-level weapon, or create a rift by interacting with them and scrolling through their spending options.
  • Additionally, they can be used at Fortnite vending machines and weapon upgrade benches to enhance your weapon or buy something.
  • Fortnite bars conveniently last between matches, so you don’t have to hurry out and spend money as soon as you get your hands on them.
  • To give yourself an advantage in earning a Victory Royale, bide your time and use it carefully at the point in a match where it will be most beneficial to you.

The following are some of the services you can purchase with your gold bars:

  • Acquiring new arms
  • Improved weaponry
  • Engaging NPCs
  • Indicating where neighboring treasure boxes are located
  • The location of nearby characters is revealed


Fortnite’s special currency is gold bars. You might not be satisfied with the quantity of gold you make in Fortnite, despite the fact that earning gold bars is very easy. However, spending them is rather simple, as this guide has taught you about how to use gold bars in Fortnite.

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