How To Use Furnace Minecraft?

How To Use Furnace Minecraft?

One of the most crucial building elements in the game of Minecraft, furnaces are used to create a variety of recipes. This indicates that a large number of game objects rely on this block and cannot be created without it. A Blast Furnace is an improvement over a regular furnace that allows you to smelt current equipment and armor as well as ore blocks into ingots.

New tools and armor can then be created using these ingots. You can only reshape your current items with this tool. In case you didn’t have all of this information before and you still don’t know how to use a furnace in Minecraft, then this guide is for you. This article will describe how to construct this block as well as what you can do with it subsequently.

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Supplies Needed to Build a Blast Furnace

You will need three somewhat similar objects to make a blast furnace. The primary components are 5 iron ingots, 3 smooth stone blocks, and 1 furnace. However, smelting iron ore and common stone produce both smooth stone and iron ingots. Let’s figure out how to build a standard furnace since you will need one to smelt them first.

Making a Furnace

  • You must first create a crafting table in Minecraft. Using sticks, wooden planks, and the next recipe, you can use it to make a wooden pickaxe.
  • Find cobblestone right now and make sure to mine them. Cobblestone is a typical building material that can be used to create smooth stones and furnaces. Once you have eight cobblestone blocks, arrange them on the crafting table in the shape of a hollow square.
  • You will get a furnace. Blackstone blocks can also be used in the Java version to accomplish the same task.

Additional Ingredients

  • Now, open the furnace with a second right-click and insert the pebble into the higher slot.
  • To start the smoothing process, put a chunk of combustible fuel in the bottom slot. Use any flammable block, such as wood, wooden planks, coal, or other materials. Three smooth stone blocks are needed for a blast furnace, and they can all be produced in the same way.
  • Iron ingots are the final item you require. Iron ore blocks must be mined using a stone or better pickaxe.
  • Here, you can utilize any remaining cobblestones and some sticks to assemble a pickaxe. You can locate iron ores easily by using our guide to the distribution of Minecraft ores.
  • Iron ingots are produced by smelting iron ore, just as cobblestone. You will need 5 iron ingots.

How to Smelt in Minecraft Using a Furnace?

The game contains a wide variety of ores, including golden, iron, and copper ore. In order to make these goods useable, you must first smelt them in a furnace because you cannot use them in their natural state. In addition, a fuel source like coal, hardwood logs, or planks is needed for this procedure. The ore you wish to smelt should go in the higher slot, and a fuel source should go in the lower slot, as shown in the image above. The outcome will be shown in the slot on the right side.

Melting Materials

You can smelt metal products in the Blast Furnace just like you can ores. You are permitted to smelt iron, gold, or chainmail-based instruments, weapons, and armor. Nine nuggets can be combined to form an ingot after you get a metal nugget. 

Why Is a Blast Furnace Necessary in Minecraft?

The ability to morph existing, even outdated, tools into new ones makes this item helpful in all Minecraft biomes. You’ve probably encountered a circumstance when you unintentionally produced a tool that you don’t require. Fortunately, a blast furnace provides a nearly ideal counter to the same. Installing Forge to use Mods in the game is an alternative if creating unique tools seems like too much work.

You can create ingots of existing equipment using a blast furnace. These are helpful for producing better tools without always looking for new ores. It might be a practical way to update worn-out tools. Additionally, the Blast Furnace may melt ore blocks more quickly than a typical furnace. Naturally, a blast furnace can be found in a hamlet if there is an armorer there as well. 

It is uncommon, save for a few chosen Minecraft seeds. So let’s initially concentrate on building our own blast furnace.


With this guide, everything you need to build and operate a blast furnace in Minecraft is now available to you. This tool is often ignored by gamers due to its limited utility. However, you can use it in a variety of circumstances due to the sparse resources that were used to construct it.

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