How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft?

How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, anvils are employed as traps and to repair magically endowed weapons and armour. People often wonder how to use an Anvil in Minecraft game when playing it independently. 

Well, they don’t have to question anymore. The anvil is a very useful piece of equipment in the game. This guide covers using an anvil in different Minecraft editions using various platforms.

You just need to follow the instructions that we are giving in this article so that you can learn how to use an anvil in Minecraft and what benefits you will get out of it.

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How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft Name Tag Complete Guide

The simple process for using an anvil is to open the crafting grid and put three iron blocks in the first row to create an anvil. The final row should then contain three iron ingots. 

Then put an iron ingot in between the 3×3 grid. Place the item to be repaired and its corresponding addition next to one another, then drag the repaired item’s output to your Inventory to complete the repair.

Place the tool to be charmed and the enchanting book in the two slots, then drag the finished object to enchant it. Here are the necessary steps for you to take:

  • Mine the iron ores with at least a stone pickaxe to obtain raw iron. In all, 31 raw iron will be required.
  •   Use a furnace for smelting the raw iron.
  •   After assembling the iron ingots, create three iron blocks at the crafting station. For each block, nine ingots are required.
  •   Put one of the iron blocks in each position in the top row of the crafting table GUI.
  •   Set an iron ingot in the centre of the work surface.
  •   Place one iron ingot in each place in the bottom row.
  •   You may take the anvil to the right and add it to your Inventory by taking it.

How To Use An Anvil In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Everyone enjoys enchanting weapons and armour, but the procedure should be beautiful and as simple as feasible. To put this into practice, we advise you to consider utilizing the Anvil Guide add-on for Minecraft, enabling you to enjoy all the pleasures of enchantment. It is also available in Minecraft Pocket Edition, where you will benefit from using it regularly in the game.

Despite being a costly recipe, the anvil has several applications and can advance your development of end-game tools. Using levels and fixing tools, an anvil can assist you in combining tools and enchantments. The designer has also included many useful elements in addition to visual excellence and additional effects.

How about leaping from more than 100 meters high while wearing magical armour? Or perhaps you’d want to test the armour’s durability by stepping in lava while wearing it? Testing access to everything will be accessible in full. You just need to install a texture pack:

  • From the following link, get the texture pack.
  •   Copy the Anvil Guide folder to packs after unpacking the downloaded files (if this folder does not exist, create it yourself)
  •   Go to Settings in the game and click the Manage button next to the Texture Sets label. The cloned texture pack will be in the left list; click on it to move it to the top of the right list.

How To Use Anvil In Minecraft Ps3

To use an anvil in Minecraft PS3, the instructions are as follows:

  • Open the Minecraft app on the device of your choice.
  •   Start by launching the crafting menu. When you access the crafting menu in Minecraft, a 3×3 crafting grid will appear.
  •   All the materials needed to create an anvil in Minecraft may now be added. You must arrange the goods according to the pattern of one iron block per row on the first row of the 3×3 crafting grid, one iron ingot per box on the second row, and one iron ingot per row on the third.
  •   It would help if you moved the anvil into the Inventory after finding it in the box on the right side.

How To Use An Anvil To Repair In Minecraft

To access the anvil’s UI, position it and right-click it. Enchantments may be combined using the anvil. When two charming books are combined, the enchantments are combined into one book. Books can be stacked with enchantments. These books can be used to enchant items or weapons. You may improve your enchantments with this as well.

As long as there is a higher level for the enchantment to attain, combining two of the same enchantment will raise it to that level.


This discussion includes information about how to use an anvil in Minecraft, and we have discussed all of the procedures to follow on different platforms. This helpful tool lets you combine different elements or enchantments to get you to progress easily in the game.

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