How To Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft?

How To Use A Stonecutter In Minecraft?

There are many ways to improve your gameplay performance. Users of Minecraft have had several possibilities in this regard. Using a stonecutter instead of a crafting table is the most important change. The stonecutter block in Minecraft is incredibly practical and handy. The block’s effective crafting menu will allow gamers to save hours of gameplay time.

Players can avoid tedious crafting processes using stonecutters, such as the multi-step Chiseled Blocks, to create particular blocks. A stonecutter is more effective in creating stone objects than a crafting table. 

If you don’t know how to use a stonecutter in Minecraft, this guide is for you.

How To Make A Stonecutter In Minecraft?

Before you worry about utilizing a Stonecutter, you must first create one. We advise against being overly particular while selecting these stones because they might be of any sort. 

You will need 3 stones and 1 iron ingot. Once you have these materials, you can build this workstation at any local place.

Once it has been taken down, you can use the Stonecutter workstation to create numerous stone slabs, staircases, and other objects.

Using the Stonecutter

Cobblestone, sandstone, and materials like andesite or diorite are among the most common forms of stone that the stonecutter in Minecraft works with. Because a stonecutter can generate more goods than a crafting table, it is preferable to use one. For instance, six steps at a standard crafting table need eight stone blocks. Every stone block carved by a stonecutter transforms into a stair, enabling you to produce more things with fewer resources.

But the crafting table is still a good option if you need to finish constructing tasks in several places. There’s a chance you’ll find a Stonecutter in a Stone Mason’s home in a village if you can’t craft one. It is generally preferable to create one at your base and use it when needed rather than be closer to a Village; thus, we do not advise relying on these locations.

What are some of the best Minecraft uses for a stonecutter?

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Making Slabs

Different sorts of blocks can be easily transformed into slabs by the stonecutter. The stonecutter enables players to manufacture slabs with just one block, which can be helpful in various circumstances rather than requiring many blocks.

Copper Stonecutting

The next Caves and Cliffs update will allow the stonecutter to work with copper, which may please certain gamers. The stonecutter allows users to create cut versions of normal and waxed copper blocks.

Mason Village Job Block

In Minecraft, the stonecutter can serve as a Mason Villager work site. This implies that any idle villager will become a mason when a stonecutter is around. The stonecutter will be approached by a Mason who has already been converted to carry out their daily tasks.


Several blocks can be instantly transformed into stairs with the stonecutter. The player can turn one block into one stair if they need a more specific amount of stairs. As opposed to crafting, this method produces six steps from six blocks instead of four, making it more effective.

Polished Blocks

Additionally, the stonecutter can carve, cut, and polish a variety of blocks. The stonecutter can change one regular block into any of the blocks above.

Getting Stone

Stone is present practically everywhere in every Minecraft biome or overworld. However, obtaining it is more difficult than breaking it. Find a stone block and mine it with a pickaxe. The game will produce cobblestone as the byproduct of mining rather than stone. Use a silk touch pickaxe enchantment to combat this. Once you have them, you must melt three cobblestone blocks in a furnace. The cobblestone will become stone blocks as a result.

Stonecutter’s Recipe For Crafting In Minecraft

You need to open the crafting table first and arrange the ingredients now that you have them all. To make a stonecutter in the video game Minecraft, you must first place an iron ingot in the middle of the area of cells. After that, put one stone block in the middle row’s middle cell. You can put a stonecutter wherever you like after this placement. Unlike a crafting table, lava or fire cannot even destroy it.


You now know how to appropriately use a stonecutter in Minecraft, whether for large construction or simply to quickly build your Minecraft home. Don’t stop there, though. Once your home is complete, it’s time to populate it with amiable hordes.

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