How To Use A Composter In Minecraft?

How To Use A Composter In Minecraft?

You’re going to need to prepare a lot of food for yourself if you want to survive in Minecraft’s survival mode. Even more, crops are needed to produce the amount of food we consume. Crops occasionally grow painfully slowly. Fortunately, the Composter can assist you in producing a consistent flow of bone meal to hasten the growth of your crops. Additionally, it aids in finding a use for some objects that you might have way too many stacks of.

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If you don’t know how to use a composter in Minecraft, then understand that making a composter in Minecraft is a reasonably straightforward process because the formula is simple to find, and there aren’t many considerations to make. Compostable materials are used by the composter in Minecraft to create a bone meal. The instructions on using a composter are provided below.

How To Use A Composter In Minecraft?
How To Use A Composter In Minecraft?

Composter Construction Instructions In Minecraft

Before knowing how to use a composter, you must know how to make one. You must arrange seven wooden slabs in the shape of a U on a crafting table in order to create a composter. The supplies you’ll need to gather, along with the dimensions of the crafting table you’ll need to use, are listed below.

• 3×3 crafting table.

• 7 wooden slabs.

You must now arrange them on the crafting table. To begin, arrange the seven pieces of wood in a U shape on the grid around the outside. Now leave both the second box in the top row and the middle square empty. The composter should appear after they are inside, and all you have to do is add it to your inventory.

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How To Use A Composter In Minecraft?

Bone meal is made using the composter. Find a decent location, point the pointer there, then choose it from your inventory to set it there after deciding where to put it. Once you’ve done that, you need to add something biodegradable to it so it can start producing a bone meal for you. When you correctly add some, you will notice green particles beginning to accumulate at the composter’s base.

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Fill it up to the seven-layer minimum required for composting, and after you’ve reached that point, the bone meal will emerge from the composter for you to collect. After that, simply add it to your inventory, and you’re done.

Best Use Of Composter

The finest plants to put in a composter in Minecraft are:


Although bread and hay bales made from wheat technically have a higher possibility of raising the compost level, it’s usually more cost-effective to utilize wheat alone. The objects must be made from many pieces of wheat and have an 85% chance of raising compost levels. Comparatively, each individual grain of wheat has a 65% chance of raising the compost level.

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In light of this, players would be better off throwing away extra wheat on its own rather than utilizing several bushels to make goods that only ever have an 85% chance of raising the compost level.

Flowering Azalea

Flowering azalea is frequently signs of lush cave biomes. The purple blooms in their leaf blocks are what set them apart from oak trees while seeming extremely similar. Since azalea trees typically root over lush caverns, players should keep a watch out for these leaf blocks in particular or search right above one if they know where it is.

If players manage to get blossoming azalea, they can compost it for an 85% chance of raising the compost level.


Cakes are more difficult to make than pumpkin pies because they need milk, eggs, sugar, and wheat, but they are still available in Minecraft. Similar to pumpkin pies, cakes have the ability to raise the compost level by 100%, ensuring the formation of bone meal. Cakes don’t have the best hunger or saturation values, so they might not be the most cost-effective material to throw in the composter, but it doesn’t hurt to use one occasionally as compost. This is particularly valid if a player of Minecraft has an excess of wheat, milk, eggs, and sugar.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is a simple cuisine that is simple to make in large quantities because it only requires pumpkin, sugar, and eggs. In addition to being simple to make and a beneficial food item for players, pumpkin pie in Minecraft has the added benefit of ensuring an increase in compost level. The only other thing that can do this is pumpkin pie, so if players have any excess pumpkin pie from a farm, they might want to think about throwing it in their composter to make more bone meal.

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are very quick and easy to make by just cooking regular potatoes in blocks like furnaces. Making baked potatoes out of extra potatoes generates excellent compost as long as players have fire available. One of the best products in all of Minecraft to put in the composter is a baked potato, which has an 85% probability of raising the compost level with every serving.


This discussion explains how to use a composter in Minecraft. If this guide helps you to craft a composter and use it to make different things, then don’t forget to leave a comment for us.

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