How To Make A New World On A Minecraft Server?

How To Make A New World On A Minecraft Server?

You recently purchased Minecraft, and you want to learn how to make a new world on the Minecraft server to play by yourself or with friends. You can easily make new worlds on every Minecraft server.

For the aim of separating your works or debugging, you may construct other worlds. It is also fun to play in a multiverse where you can make a fresh start in a whole new world on a Minecraft server.

In this situation, you will discover all the knowledge you want in this article to make your effort a success.

How To Make A New World On A Minecraft Server Step By Step Process?

To start, you should be aware that the process varies significantly based on the game edition you use: Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Use This Procedure On Java Edition:

  • Regarding a Minecraft Java Edition, which is only accessible for PC, launch the game by clicking on its icon, then select Single-player, followed by Create a new world.
  • After that, type the name you wish to give the world into the World name text box.
  • After choosing a game mode (from Survival, Creative, or End), click the Other World Options icon.
  • Therefore, alter the other game world settings, such as whether or not there are any structures or if the command console is active. Finally, click on Done to finish.
  • To complete the process, all that is left to do is click the Create a new planet button.
  • You’ll be sent into the world of Minecraft shortly as the screen loads, where a tonne of adventures are waiting for you!

Use This Procedure On The Bedrock Edition:

  • The process to be followed is similar, but there are some variations if you instead have Minecraft Bedrock Edition (accessible on Windows 10, smartphones, tablets, and consoles).
  • First, after the game has begun, click the Theater Plays icon on the home screen.
  • Next, click on the Create New>Create New World elements under the Worlds tab.
  • Now, on the new page that appears, enter the name you want to give your planet in the appropriate box at the top and choose the default game mode from the drop-down menu by selecting either Survival or Creative.
  • By selecting to activate or disable the several choices that are available while scrolling the screen, you may now alter the appearance of the globe.
  • For instance, you can decide whether to show coordinates, enable cheats, turn off weather, or cycle between day and night.
  • In order to access the planet and finalize its construction, hit the Create button one last time.

How To Make Different Worlds In Minecraft Server?

Spending a lot of time on your world when playing vanilla Minecraft is essential to the gaming experience.

  • You might want to widen your efforts after spending a lot of time exploring your reality without actually giving up or changing it.
  • Introducing Multiverse-Core, a plugin that enables the creation and access of numerous worlds on a single server in an effort to directly address this issue.
  • Multiple worlds may be accessed on a single server using Multiverse-Core, allowing for unique game modes or minigames in each of them.
  • Therefore, if you want to make different worlds in the Minecraft server, then you can use this plugin easily.


Any advancement you make in a world you construct in Minecraft is only available for that particular gaming session. This implies that when you create new worlds, whatever progress you make in them will remain connected to them and cannot be exported to other worlds.

So, if this is why you are trying to make a new world, the article perfectly elaborates how you can create new worlds in the Minecraft server.

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