How To Make A Minecraft Server 1.13?

How To Make A Minecraft Server 1.13

Minecraft is an amazing game that allows players to not only play in single-player but also in Multiplayer mode. However, you will need to make your own server in order to be able to play in Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode gives you the liberty to enjoy playing the game with your friends and family.

 If you perfectly follow the guidelines given below, you will be able to make your own Minecraft Server 1.13 in no time. So, in order to have fun with your friends in Minecraft, make your own server and start playing.

Why do People Need Minecraft servers?

In order to play in Multiplayer mode, people would need a Minecraft server, and that is why it is important to know how you can make your own Minecraft server. This gives the liberty to friends to play the game and have the best multiplayer gaming experience.

A dedicated gaming service allows you to have unrivaled control over software upgrades and customizations that might enhance your gaming experience. When you play Minecraft through your home internet connection, you can’t make any changes to the hardware or add your own customizations.

How To Make A Minecraft Server 1.13 Step-By-Step?

Step # 01: Minecraft Server.Jar Must Be Downloaded

  • The server files are to be downloaded for the Minecraft server, which you can get from Minecraft’s official website.
  • Once downloaded, you can run the downloaded server files.

Step # 03: Store The Server Files With The Extension Of Batch Files

  • Create a new text document inside the folder of the server files.
  • Write the code given below in the draft file and then name the document as ‘Run.bat.’
  • 1 cmd /k java ‐Xms1G ‐Xmx1G ‐jar minecraft_server.1.11.jar 

Step # 04: Accept The EULA

Before starting a Minecraft server, you’ll be presented with a licensing agreement that you must accept. For this,

  • Double-click eula.txt to open it.
  • Replace eula=false with eula=true.

Step # 05: Starting The Server

  • Open the file which you have created in step 3 to start your server.

Step # 06: Joining The Server

  • In the game, you need to choose the Multiplayer mode, which would prompt you to choose “Add Server.”
  • In the “Server Name” section, give your server a name that can then be used by your friends to join your Minecraft server.
  • In the “Server Address” column, type “localhost.”
  • When you’re finished, click “Done.”

Step # 07: Your Ports Should Be Forward

  • This link provides all the details for this step.

Step # 08: Search Your External IP Address

  • This can be done using google and searching for your External IP address.

Step # 09: Joining The Server:

Your friends can join your server by using this procedure:

  • In the game, choose the multiplayer mode and go to the option of “Add Server.”
  • Your external IP address, along with your port number, would be considered the server’s address.


To sum up the discussion, you can easily make your own Minecraft server by using the steps given above.

When you do start a server, remember to check in every now and then to see what the participants are up to; you’ll be amazed at how much kids can achieve when they work together.

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