How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin In Fortnite? Complete Guide

How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin In Fortnite?

With the addition of new skin to recognize well-known Australian YouTuber LazarBeam, the Fortnite Icon Series has expanded. LLazar’s skin resembles that of a tradie, a term used locally in Australia to refer to a tradesperson.

Lazarbeam, one of the most well-known Fortnite content producers, had his work included in the game’s Icon Series and was given a creator bundle. Since then, Lazarbeam’s skin has drawn the interest of several Fortnite gamers and has been a huge hit for Epic Games.

Players may now get Lazarbeam’s skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 and take on the role of their favourite content creator. This article will provide details on how to get the Lazarbeam Skin in Fortnite in easy steps.

How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin In Fortnite? Complete Guide
How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin In Fortnite? Complete Guide

How To Get The Lazarbeam Skin In Fortnite Step By Step

The Lazar & Fresh Super Repel pair event, which took place on Wednesday, March 3, allowed you to obtain it for free. The top players will be able to acquire awards, including the Lazarbeam pack, as is customary for events of this nature.

The following requirements must be met to receive a free Lazarbeam skin in Europe:

  • Lazarbeam cosmetic costume from the Icons series and its pickaxe, back bling, and in-game emote are available to the first 200 duos.
  •   The Lazarbeam cosmetic outfit from the Icon series and its back bling in the game is the 201st through 1800th pair.

Thus, you can strive to obtain it for nothing to increase your collection. Otherwise, you must pay several hundred V-bucks to get it back.

When Fortnite first launched, getting the Lazarbeam skin was easy, and it was for nothing by taking part in “Lazar & Fresh’s Super Knockback.” 

During the competition, players could use their preferred emote to heal themselves, utilizing special weapons with knockback abilities.

As of this writing, the Lazarbeam skin will go on sale on January 22 under the icon series part of the Fortnite item shop.

A character skin, the Lunch Break emote, Baby Gingy, and the OI Mate Sledgy pickaxe are all included in the Lazarbeam bundle for Fortnite. According to FNBR statistics, the bundle has appeared in Fortnite’s item shop 21 times and has been added to the wishlists of over 750 users.

To avoid losing Lazarbeam’s skin from the store, add it to your collection of Fortnite cosmetics.


So, this article has guided you about the Lazarbeam skin in Fortnite. The skin is part of the LazarBeam Icon Series package, which maintains the Australian theme. It includes the lunch break emote, the Baby Gingy Bag Bling, the Ol’ Matey Sledgy Pickaxe, and the LazarBeam outfit skin.

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