How To Fix Error Code 20 On Fortnite? Complete Guide

Let’s face it: error codes can be inconvenient, especially if they appear before you start a game. Even worse, they frequently result in your game crashing or its essential feature being disabled.

About this, Fortnite frequently seems to display the error code 20. Although the error number normally denotes a connectivity issue, there are numerous other reasons this can suddenly happen.

Every game has glitches and mistakes. It’s nothing new for Epic Games’ Fortnite to greet users with Fortnite error codes, whether using it on a PC or a Nintendo Switch. Fortnite Error Code 20 is one of these error codes.

So, if you’ve run across this problem code, don’t worry; you’ll learn here why it’s happening and how to fix Error Code 20 on Fortnite so you can start winning matches again without having any trouble.

How To Fix Error Code 20 On Fortnite? Complete Guide
How To Fix Error Code 20 On Fortnite? Complete Guide

How To Fix Error Code 20 On Fortnite Step By Step

When you attempt to join a party lobby to play with your friends, you’ll be greeted with Fortnite Error Code 20. A notification stating “Failed to join the party,” such as Error Code 93, will appear. Remember to restart your device after each step to ensure any changes are correctly implemented. If all else fails, consider reaching out to Fortnite’s support team.

Regardless of the error message, the party lobby is the cause of Fortnite Error Code 20. Here is a list of all the solutions for fixing Error code 20 on Fortnite:

Add The Player As a Friend On Epic

It’s conceivable that the player you’re trying to invite isn’t a buddy if you encounter this error when attempting to start or join a party. You must ensure the player is also your buddy on your Epic account, even if they have added you to their friend list in-game.

Similarly, be sure to add him to the network if you’re using a console like an Xbox or PlayStation.

Switch Off VPN

We’ve also observed instances when a VPN running in the background was the only thing that set off the error. Additionally, if your console is connected to a signal booster box or similar equipment, it’s likely to result in the same problem.

To resolve this, you must ensure you are not utilizing any software or hardware that could affect your network. You might need to temporarily move your console closer to the router if it is far from it to get in range.

Make The Party Public

If you are certain that you have added the player to your buddy list but are still receiving the error message for a certain party, we advise first identifying the party leader. All you need to do, if it’s you, is make sure your party isn’t set to private.

You must ask him to confirm that the party isn’t set to private if another person is the leader. All players should experience a resolution to the error code after switching it back to the public.

Restart Your Game And Your PC

Your game may have become corrupted. If you have previously tried all the above fixes, there is a significant probability that your game has been performing strangely. Thus, you might try starting the game over. The next option would be to restart all of your launchers if restarting the game didn’t work. This also entails restarting the EPIC launcher and the game.


Having problems starting or joining a party in the game will frequently result in Fortnite error number 20. This error code will typically display if there is a problem with the party itself. This includes avoiding friending the players in the game and on your EPIC account.

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