How To Find Sponges In Minecraft?

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, sponges may be used for a wide range of activities. For instance, they may be used to clean up water, which will make it simpler to breathe and swim. Additionally, a dye can be absorbed by sponges and then utilized to color wool or armor. Last but not least, sponges may be used to create fireproof blankets that can be used to shield people and objects from fire damage.

So, due to the many uses that sponges have in Minecraft, you must be searching for: “how to find sponges in Minecraft.” If this is the case, then you have landed at the right place as this article will guide you on “how to find sponges in Minecraft 1.18.”

How to find sponges in minecraft
How to find sponges in Minecraft

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft Survival?

If you want to acquire sponges in Minecraft survival mode, then this may be accomplished in one of two ways. To find them in the natural world is the first way; eliminating adversaries is the second. In Minecraft, there is just one zone where sponges may be discovered, and only one sort of enemy can drop them. Sponge hunting may be dangerous; thus, players need to arm themselves before starting their quest.

  • In Minecraft, sponges are located in Ocean Monuments, which can be challenging to locate. But after they locate an Ocean Monument, gamers may start collecting sponges.
  • You may get them in two different ways. The first—and maybe worst—method of obtaining sponges is to vanquish Elder Guardians. Elder Guardians are located in Ocean Monuments, and when they pass away, they leave one damp sponge behind. Because of this, cultivating them isn’t as beneficial as discovering sponges organically within the monuments themselves or with other Minecraft resources.
  • Finding sponge chambers inside Ocean Monuments is, in fact, the superior approach to obtaining sponges. Compared to Elder Guardians, these areas give players significantly easier access to sponges. They will also produce more sponges and are less harmful than killing Minecraft opponents. For these reasons, the easiest approach for players to harvest sponges in survival mode is by visiting natural sponge chambers.

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft PC?

The method is similar to the method that has been described above on the Minecraft PC and outlined below:

  • You must navigate the game’s Ocean Monuments while avoiding the local foesin order to discover the sponges.
  • The sponge chamber in the Monument, which has space for up to 30 sponge units, is where you can first locate sponges.
  • The bottom of the Ocean Monument often has an entrance. There is a 33 percent probability that each of the room’s 36 columns will be empty, a 50 percent chance that each will contain one sponge and a 17 percent chance that each will have two sponges.
  • The ancient guardians within the monuments may also be killed for sponges, and doing so is quicker and easier than looking for a chamber.

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft PS4?

The method described above is as much applicable in Minecraft PS4 as it is on Minecraft PC. You can obtain wet sponges using either way, so if you want to dry them, you must either travel to the bottom world or use an oven directly. After drying the sponge, you may reuse it numerous times.

By using the two methods described above, you can discover all the sponges you want and make the most of them now that you are aware of how to obtain sponges in Minecraft.

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft Xbox One?

In recent years, millions of gamers have had access to enormous quantities of new content thanks to Minecraft. New updates include story elements, new biomes, and new building pieces. Then there are the traditional favorites like the “sponge” block, which may be hard to locate in Survival Mode.

Fortunately, you can find sponges easily in Minecraft Xbox One with the same methods that have been outlined in the above discussion. 

How To Find Sponges In Minecraft Bedrock?

If you want to find Sponges in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then you have to follow the same procedure that has already been explained in the above discussion. You must first locate an Ocean Monument if you are seeking sponges. Sponge-containing constructions are the only ones in the game where they may be discovered. Wet sponge blocks are commonly found in rooms of Ocean Monuments, with each room containing an average of 30 wet sponge blocks. Hoes can be used by players to swiftly shatter sponges.

Another way to get a sponge is to overcome the Elderly Guards that are present in OceanMonuments. Three ElderGuardians live in each Ocean Monument, and when a player kills one of them, the elder guardian drops a sponge.


Players can utilize the newly created area by wiping away any water with sponges. To stop guardians from spawning, many gamers prefer to utilize sponge blocks to drain water from Ocean Monuments. So, if you want to find sponges in Minecraft to use a sponge for the many benefits, it has then the article discusses all that you need to know.

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