How To Find Flint In Minecraft Complete Guide 2022

How To Find Flint In Minecraft

Flint may be located by players of Minecraft in a few distinct places. When a player mines gravel blocks, the blocks may drop an item called flint. Additionally, they can discover flint in the overworld’s chests. A village fletcher will exchange it for goods with players.

Once they obtain flint, players may use it to create steel and flint. This enables them to start a nether portal or set objects on fire. Players must have this teardrop-shaped piece of dark grey material in order to make fletching tables and arrows.

So, in this article, you will find a number of different ways through which you can find flint on PS4 and Xbox, along with the method to find flint without gravel.

how to find flint in minecraft

How To Find Flint In Minecraft Step By Step?

To produce arrows or flint farms in Minecraft, flint is a necessary raw resource. But the likelihood of finding flint is low. You should know how to enhance the likelihood of falling flint if you want to collect this resource faster. See the complete instructions given below for obtaining flint in Minecraft.

Mining gravel is the fastest way to acquire flint in Minecraft. Using enchanted tools will speed up the mining process. In this sandbox game, gravel blocks are a natural supply of flint.

Use these steps to discover gravel in Minecraft and find flint fast as a result:

  • Locate the gravel: There are several caverns in Minecraft where you may find gravel pieces.
  • You may use a shovel or your hands to mine the gravel.
  • Place the gravel pieces carefully, and then take the flint. Before it vanishes, you must grab the flint block.
  • Depending on the instrument you use to mine for flint, your chances of getting flint range from 10 to 100 percent.
  • To boost your chances of finding flint in Minecraft, utilize enchanted mining equipment.
  • Just enchant your tools and start farming after learning how to create flint in Minecraft. To improve your tools in Minecraft, learn to enchant objects.

How To Find Flint In Minecraft PS4?

In Survival mode, mining gravel will let you add flint to your inventory.

  • You must first locate a few gravel blocks that can be dug up. Gravel is everywhere, but you are going to dig deep into the ground to seek flint.
  • Even your hand will work to dig up gravel, but a shovel or other equipment will work more quickly. To dig up the gravel, use a diamond shovel since it is more durable than other shovels.
  • Depending on the version of Minecraft, you can mine gravel using the following controls:
  • If you are trying to find flint in Minecraft PS4, the R2 button on the PS controller should be pressed for Gravel mining.

How To Find Flint In Minecraft Xbox?

You can also find flint in Minecraft Xbox easily by using the same method as described for a PS4. The only difference is the control that you may use for mining gravel in order to find flint.

  • As described before, the first thing that you need to do is to locate a gravel block that you can use to find flint.
  • Then, you can dig a few gravel blocks in order to find flint. But, since you are trying to find flint fast, you will have to dig fast, for which you can use some kind of a tool.
  • Lastly, you can do gravel mining so that you can find flint in Minecraft Xbox. For this, you must know about the special control for Xbox.
  • The RT button on the Xbox controller for Xbox 360 and Xbox One can be utilized for gravel mining, and then you would be able to easily find flint in Minecraft.

How To Find Flint In Minecraft Without Gravel?

Flint is one of the numerous goods you may trade with the villager known as “fletcher” in Minecraft for. He is at the job block for the fletching table.

In order to exchange goods with villagers in Minecraft, you must use emeralds as payment. For one emerald, players will receive 26 flints. You should utilize villagers to trade for what you desire because they are highly helpful and simple to generate in Minecraft.

Also, ruined portals frequently appear in various places in the Minecraft universe. It is close to your spawn point. There are several chests that contain a wealth of lootable stuff.

Because you require flint and steel to light up these portals when visiting these areas, flint is a common treasure in these chests.


In a nutshell, you can easily find flint in Minecraft by using different methods that includes finding flint with and without gravel. Additionally, if you want to find flint using your PS4 and your Xbox, then the article outlines methods for these as well.

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