How To Find Coal in Minecraft?

How To Find Coal In Minecraft?

The resource of coal is crucial in the world of Minecraft. Torches, campfires, and fire charges may all be made from coal. To light your way in the dark, you can use a torch or a bonfire. This not only makes it easier to see in the dark but also stops some dangerous creatures from spawnings, such as zombies, skeletons, and spiders. Coal is a fuel that may be used in furnaces, which are used for smelting minerals and cooking meals.

In this article, you will get the answer to “how to find coal in Minecraft” without mining, without wood, and in caves and cliffs update. 

How To Get Coal In Minecraft Without Mining?

There is no one place in the Minecraft game where coal can be obtained with absolute assurance. Instead, coal may be found at random throughout the Minecraft game’s map.

However, there are some locations where the likelihood of discovering coal is quite high. Additionally, there are methods that provide speedier access to coal ores in the Minecraft game.

  • Look for hidden riches in treasure chests. Go exploring if mining seems boring. This method won’t yield many coal nuggets, but exploration is more exciting and difficult.
  • To open a chest, choose it. When you come across a chest while exploring, go in close proximity to it and set the plus-shaped reticle there. To open the chest, right-click or use the left trigger button on a gaming console. 
  • Coal and other goods that you wish to keep can be found within the chest. To highlight the slot it is in, use your mouse or controller’s right analog stick. To take possession of the object and add it to your inventory, click or press the A button on your controller.

Where To Find Coal In Minecraft Caves And Cliffs?

In the second “Caves and Cliffs” update of the Minecraft 1.18 update, coal ore has increased in prevalence and will now generate enormous blobs. Between the height levels Y = 256 and Y = 0, these blobs may be seen.

  • However, it should be noted that between height levels 0 and 256, coal ore blobs are not created equally. Between Y = 95 and Y = 96 is the level where coal ore blobs are most frequently seen.
  • Visually scanning the tops and sides of cliff formations is a useful suggestion for people looking for coal ore who lack the resources to strip mine. 
  • Here, exposed coal ore is frequently seen, occasionally in enormous pieces. Because it doesn’t take much mining, this strategy is very helpful for those who are just starting out.

Best Level To Find Coal In Minecraft

However, strip mining at Y = 95 and Y = 96 may be advantageous for those wishing to gather a significant volume of coal in a little period of time. If everything is done correctly, coal generates at a typical pace at these levels, and numerous stacks may be gathered in under 20 minutes.

For those who are unaware, strip mining, often known as “branch mining,” is a very effective mining method that players may use to swiftly extract a certain type of mineral.

Since many different types of ores are created around the landscape and are typically located in places where they may be mined, using this strategy increases the likelihood that Minecraft players will find ores very quickly.

How To Make Coal In Minecraft Without Wood?

Searching For Withered Skeletons:

  • Create a Nether Portal to enter the Nether, where wither skeletons are a renewable source of coal.
  • Large buildings made of Nether Brick are called Nether Fortresses. Only in Nether Fortresses do wither skeletons spawn.
  • Be cautious. The underworld is extremely hazardous. Don’t wander off. Make sure you learn how to survive in the nether, as well as how to make weapons and armor.
  • Large buildings built of nether brick that can only be found in the Nether are known as nether fortresses. Traveling east or west will increase your chances of discovering a nether stronghold.
  • In the underground castle, look for withered skeletons. To slay wither skeletons, arm yourself with a sword or other weapon and make an assault. A wither skeleton has a 1/3 chance of dropping coal when killed.


You need to have some technical knowledge if you want to be skilled at stockpiling coal.

And for that reason, this article has covered all you need to know about locating coal in the subsections above. All that is left for you to do at this point is to make use of the knowledge.

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