How To Find Clay In Minecraft?

How To Find Clay In Minecraft

The Minecraft block known as clay isn’t used much in the game. It may be melted in a furnace and turned into terracotta. These blocks and bricks, which are made using clay, may be used by a player in the game Minecraft to construct their homes and save their spawn locations by means of beds.

A furnace is used to melt clay. Eight cobblestone bricks form a furnace that burns fuel. Coal is the most common sort of fuel.

This article has included thorough guidance on where to obtain clay and clay balls here. Simply put, clay may be found in masonry buildings or swamp biomes. 

How To Find Clay In Minecraft Step By Step?

You may get clay blocks or clay balls in Minecraft by using a variety of strategies and approaches as given below:

Method # 01: A Swamp Biome Can Be Found

Swamp biomes are one of the best places where you can easily find clay for making many different things in Minecraft.

  • Clay is readily available in swamp biomes’ water bodies.
  • You may use the “/locatebiome” command to obtain the list of neighboring biomes to locate a swamp biome by opening the chat window. From there, it’s simple to select the swamp biome and obtain its coordinates.
  • Following that, you can walk to the given coordinate. Alternatively, if you possess Elytra wings, you can utilize them to soar right into the marsh biomes.
  • Once in the swamp biome, obtaining clay is simple and may be done with either your hands or any instrument.

Method # 02: Locate Any Water Body Closeby

You can get clay from any nearby body of water.

  • So, if you’re interested in stockpiling clay bricks, go ahead and locate any local water features.
  • Once you’ve found a body of water, you may start digging for clay bricks in the shallow terrain there.

How To Find Clay In Minecraft Xbox 360?

  • If you want to locate clay with ease in the Minecraft Xbox 360 expansion, then you should continue exploring other biomes to hunt for bodies of shallow water.
  • You might search the swamp and deep woodland biomes for shallow waterways. Shallow water may also be found near lakes and seas.
  • Once you get to a shallow body of water, you should jump in with your back to the ground.
  • Your avatar will be seen striking the clay chunks once you use the RT button on the Xbox controller. You will thus produce clay balls from clay bricks.

How To Get Clay In Minecraft Survival?

  • In the Minecraft survival mode, searching for shallow water areas will yield the best results for finding clay.
  • Additionally, clay is used to build Mason dwellings in both desert and Mason settlements. Looking for lake beds, river beds, bond beds, or any other sources of water is the general method for finding clay in Minecraft Survival.
  • You may readily find clay in the ground underneath these shallow bodies of water by looking for gray-colored pieces.
  • You may search several islands and swamp biomes if you want to be absolutely sure to discover clay.
  • Finding a site there will be much simpler for you because Islands and certain biomes feature a lot of shallow water bodies.


Because it can be used to make bricks and several varieties of colored terracotta, clay is an important resource in Minecraft. Because of this, both new and experienced players want to know where to get clay in Minecraft.

So, this article elaborates on methods to find clay in Minecraft that can easily be used.

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