How To Add Mods To Minecraft Server?

How To Add Mods To Minecraft Server?

Mods are a terrific way to personalize your server. Mods are a terrific way to expand your options, whether you’re adding them to an existing mod pack or to your current Forge setup. Mods may be installed in a few simple steps, and we’ll take you through each one so you can create your ideal server.

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When operating a modified server, keep in mind that the mods must be downloaded to your Minecraft client. This is also true if you’re adding more modules to an existing mod pack. You’ll need to install Forge client side in order to execute modifications on your client.

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In this article, you will learn how you can add mods to your Minecraft server in easy steps which you can follow.

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How To Add Mods To Minecraft Server 1.12 Step By Step?

  • The modules must be downloaded from an authentic and official website of mod authors.
  • Choose any of the mod files and then tap on it to go to its page.
  • Choose from the many versions of the mod available by navigating to the Files Tab. It’s advisable to get the most recent suggested update for your Minecraft version.
  • Navigate to the modification page.
  • Then, go to the relationships page. For the mod to work perfectly, the modifications are absolutely necessary. The server will not work properly or at all if the dependencies are not downloaded.
  • The jar menu on the server needs to be set on Forge so as to use this method effectively. Note that you must start Forge before installing the mods in order to create the mods folder; otherwise, your mods will be erased.
  • The server should be shut down.
  • Click FTP File Access and navigate to the modifications folder.
  • Simply click “Upload” and drag in the modifications you already downloaded. Before leaving this page, wait for the modifications to finish uploading.
  • You can join once the server has completely launched.

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How To Add Mods To Minecraft Server.Jar?

This approach is a little more difficult as adding mods directly to the Minecraft server.jar files can be tricky for some. For this,

  • To begin, navigate to yours. Minecraft folder, then to ‘versions,’ and make a duplicate of the ‘1.12’ folder, or whichever version you’re altering.
  • Rename the new copy to something like ‘1.12mod.’ Rename the ‘1.12.jar’ file to ‘1.12mod.jar’ and the ‘1.12.json’ file to ‘1.12mod.json’ within the new ‘1.12mod’ folder.
  • Then, in Notepad, open the ‘1.12mod.json’ file and replace ALL 1.12 content with 1.12mod. It should be saved and closed.
  • Open the ‘1.12mod.jar’ file using WinRAR or 7Zip.
  • Remove the ‘META-INF’ folder from your computer.
  • Open the.jar file for your mod in a new window with WinRAR or 7Zip.
  • Copy the contents of the mod’s jar to the version 1.12mod jar.

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Now go to the version selection menu in the Minecraft launcher. Your ‘1.12mod’ version should be shown. Use it to start Minecraft. In this way,  you can easily add mods to the Minecraft server manually.

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To sum up, understanding how you can add mods to your Minecraft server has been discussed in the article. For this, you can choose either of the two methods available. One method is to manually add the mods directly to the server.jar files, while the other method includes using Minecraft Forge, which needs to be downloaded in advance.

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