80+ Free Course Hero Accounts September 28, 2023

One of the biggest fear of a student to complete provided assignments. The Course Hero is the one-stop solution for study materials, study guidelines, textbooks, and other solutions. The platform has emerged as one of the best platforms for student demands.

Everything about Course Hero is good until you have to spend money to access its exclusive content. You can go with a yearly or monthly plan as per needs. But the thing is, many students can’t afford it.

Therefore, they start to find course hero free accounts on the internet. In most cases, they end with disappointment as the provided account doesn’t work for them.

However, if you are hunting for a Course Hero free account, you have reached the right place. We are sharing a course hero free login that might help you study efficiently. So without any further ado, let’s start.

Free Course Hero Accounts

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online study platform that provides practice problems, study guides, infographics, class notes, step-by-step explanations, essays, lab reports, and videos.

It was founded by Andrew Grauer in 2006 that promised to be one of the leading platforms for students across the globe. However, Course Hero continues their journey until the pandemic greatly boosts its growth.

The California-based Edtech company has more than 40 million users that share documents. They also provide expert tips for different subjects. Furthermore, its scholarship is the stellar point where a student can get a $5000 scholarship. This is a short note about Course Hero.

However, it’s not free to access. Its monthly plan is a bit high at $39, whereas the $112-year plan looks more promising.

What is the Reason Behind People Look For Free Course Hero Accounts?

Various factors drive the search for a course hero account for free, but the most common reason for doing so is to gain access to course material that one might not otherwise be able to access.

This can include textbooks, study guides, lecture notes, and other important course materials often only available through Course Hero. Additionally, the Coursehero premium account can be used to ask questions within a course and receive help from a tutor or other students.

How To Get a Course Hero Free Account?

As you know, friends course hero is a paid platform. And finding a free account for course hero is never easy. So to make your life easier, our team has done a lot of research over the internet to find a working way to get a paid course hero account.

And we have some working usernames and passwords. So I am sharing these course hero login lists below down. Go and check out this free course hero accounts list.

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Course Hero Premium Account Username And Password 2023 [100% Working]

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] 
[email protected] 
[email protected] 
[email protected]

Top 5 Course Hero Features

If you are deciding to use Course Hero for your study, it can be helpful to know about its top features.

1. Math Answer Scanner & Problem Solver

Are you stuck on a math problem? Course Hero can solve yours instantly. Yes, you hear right what I said. It has a scanner feature, where you can click the photo of your problematic math to get instant step-by-step solutions.

2. Textbook Help

The textbook is essential for students to learn all provided chapters and content. However, you might need a tutor to help you study textbooks more efficiently. If you don’t have a tutor, you can take the help of Course Hero to read the text with clear context and concept.

3. Study Library

Yet another sublime Course Hero feature is Study Library. With the study library feature, you can save study materials, QNAs, and many more. And get access to other people’s libraries as well.

4. Homework Help from Online Tutor

What could we better do to get help from an online tutor on our study? Yes, using Course Hero, we have excellent opportunities to take help from other online teachers with our homework. Moreover, you will get help mentioned subjects: science, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, social studies, history, economics, and many more.

5. Access 60 Million Course-Specific Study Materials

One of the best features of the platform. It offers more than 60 million courses specializing in study materials such as homework help, a free math solver, a math answer scanner, and the largest online library of course notes and study guides. Just let me know how many study materials you are looking for.


A million students use Course Hero to excel in their studies. If you want to use it for free, our course hero free account will help you get started. So use our provided account to get access to the platform without hassle. That’s the wrap-up – if you have any doubts or questions, let us know in the comment section.


Is there a free Course Hero account?

Course Hero is an online learning platform for students and educators offering access to millions of course-specific study resources. Unfortunately, there is no free Course Hero account; however, you can try out our given username and password list. It will help you get a free course hero account.

Will Course Hero still charge me if I delete my account?

The answer is yes regarding Course Hero and its subscription fees; if you cancel your account after payment has been processed, you will still be charged for it. Course Hero processes payments in advance, even if your account is deleted.

Does Course Hero Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Course Hero offers a free trial. For those new to the platform, you can try it before signing up for a paid subscription. With the free trial, you can access up to 20 documents and upload and view up to 5 documents of your own. After the free trial expires, you can decide whether or not to continue with a paid subscription.

Is Course Hero Free for Students?

The answer to the question, “Is Course Hero Free for Students?” is yes. Course Hero offers students free access to many of its resources and tools, including study guides, practice questions and answers, flashcards, and more. To get the most out of Course Hero’s free resources, students should create an account and take advantage of the free resources available.

Course Hero also offers subscription plans for those who want to access even more educational material. By signing up for a membership plan, students can unlock premium resources such as tutor services and 24/7 access to Course Hero’s library of educational materials. With both subscription and free options, Course Hero is a great resource for students of all levels.

When Does Course Hero Charge You?

Course Hero charges its users when they upgrade to a Premium Membership. A Premium Membership gives you full access to Course Hero’s library of more than 20 million study documents and additional features such as personalised tutoring and course recommendations. As soon as you sign up and provide your payment details, Course Hero charges you upfront for the selected subscription period. Monthly subscribers are billed each month on the date of sign-up, while annual subscribers are billed once a year. Remember to cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to be charged, as Course Hero has an automatic renewal policy.

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